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Automobile Light & Illumination

We will create new values for your life.

Since its establishment in 2008 based on technology of automobile lamp design, development and production, we have been able to grow into a small but strong company that professionally produces automotive lamps with our customers' continued interest and encouragement.
We are doing our best to provide the best quality and service by constructing and operating a full line of automobile lamp production, including mold making technology and the latest facilities.

We will start our second leap to make new value for our customers' lives without staying at present.
We will become a leading company in the field of automobile light by constantly researching & developing while keeping our original intentions at the time of establishment.
So we will contribute to the development and economic growth of the Republic of Korea and will provide new value to customers' lives.

We look forward to your unwavering affection and warm support for our new future as we open up with our customers.

Thank you.

ALI. Co., ltd. C.E.O Kim kijin